Statement of Practice

Free Initial Consultation - Evening and Weekend Appointments - Flat Fees and contingency fees in personal injury related matters - Proven record of successful representation

E. Alexander "Zandy" DeSalvo has been providing criminal defense and plaintiffs personal injury representation for complex and small cases for over 31 years. Having family roots in Colorado for over 120 years has helped him witness, first hand, the growth and cultural distinctions that exist between our urban centers and vast rural areas. Having a keen understanding of the diversity of our state has aided client representation since no case is the same and no jurisdiction is the same. As an attorney you owe it to your client to know the turf you are competing on.

The field of law is always changing, and counsel must effectively adapt to best serve the client’s interests. The goal is not to loose sight of the client’s objectives no matter what obstacles may affect the client’s case. These considerations lead to practical and innovative solutions Mr. DeSalvo brings depending on the individual needs of the case.

  In the plaintiff’s personal injury arena, staying on top of the medicine pertinent to the client’s case is paramount. The ability to understand and relate the medico-legal concepts during settlement negotiations or litigation is of critical importance and I strive to do this in every case large or small.

Just as vital as understanding the medical concepts in an injury case, is helping the client cope with the insurance issues applicable to most cases. In an environment where insurance companies seem to control our daily lives, interaction requires a lawyer, unafraid to challenge these companies and hold them to the rules.

  In the criminal defense arena, my attention is focused on the interplay between the factual, procedural, and legal aspects of the citizen-police contact. The facts in any case are contolling and must be developed to give the client a fighting chance. I want the client to participate directly from the start. Every client is the most important player on the defense team, and not a spectator who simply defers to his counsel because "he’s the lawyer."

It is a client’s cooperation and his or her ability to assist counsel, that matters. Client assistance no matter how small, is what helps make or break cases. This trust and cooperation borne of the attorney-client privilege, is what leads to favorable results in criminal filings.